Filament Friday 08/08/2014

Javier Baez was called to the majors this week and Cubs fans were all like…



Then, after going 0-5, he hit the game winning home run in the 12th inning for his first MLB hit and Cubs fans were all like…



Then, after a ho-hum second game (0-4, no strikeouts), Baez went off to the tune of 3-4, including his second and third career homers. And Cubs fans were all like…



This season just got a lot more interesting…

  • Baez became the first rookie to hit three home runs in his first three games in 60 years, as the hyperbole streaks for the stratosphere.
  • This side-by-side of Baez and Gary Sheffield’s swings is kind of eerie. Brett at Bleacher Nation then tries to bring some reason and caution into focus, which, quite frankly, Brett, we are having none of today.

    This bandwagon's getting crowded...

    This bandwagon’s getting crowded…

  • Lost in the din of Javy-mania was the continued excellent start by Kyle Hendricks, who gave up only two runs in 8 innings. Dude can pitch. Most of what I read about Hendricks focuses on his lack of “stuff”, but this seems mostly based around the fact that he doesn’t throw 95mph (at least not consistently and on demand). But, wait, since when did 95mph become average? Hendricks works 88-91mph, which I think is plenty of fastball if you have a full repertoire. Which I think Hendricks does. I don’t know if he’s a top of rotation guy or a 4/5 innings eater – heck, I’m not even sure what those things exactly mean. So, for me, I think he’s a guy who, on a team with a decent offense, will give you somewhere around 200IP, a below league average ERA and will keep his team in enough games to win 12-15 games every year. Works for me.
  • Baez generated so much excitement this week that I almost forgot the Saints first preseason game is tonight! The black and gold roll into St. Louis and try to avenge (for as much as you can avenge in the preseason) one of their more embarrassing losses of last year.
  • I, of course, am completely psyched to see Brandin Cooks in action. I’m not the only one geeked out over Cooks.
  • Just in case you need a soundtrack to tonight’s game (and, apparently, any game), mmmmm, Ram chops.
  • From Canal Street Chronicles, this is a really detailed look at Champ Bailey and how he might help a youthful, athletic secondary.
  • One thing I have in common with Zen Pencils is a real love of Amy Poehler.

    What's that, Amy? Looking for Colonel Angus?

    What’s that, Amy? Looking for Colonel Angus?

  • That’s not a bus stop. THIS is a bus stop.
  • If you don’t live around D.C., you might not realize what a bastard Dan Snyder is.
  • Did you know that David Bowie’s first television interview was an impassioned defense of long-haired men?
  • I have no idea why this happened, but these fans attempting to torment Hunter Pence are precious.
  • As one who suffers a bit of plantar fasciitis, I found some of the new revelations about the fascia system in our body enlightening. It’s amazing, with as much as we’ve discovered about the human body, how much there is still left to learn.
  • I don’t know why I just thought of this song, but here you go – your Song of the Week!
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