Nailed It (Welcome back, Coach)

I was a bit behind the curve, but I finally read the news this morning that Sean Payton would, indeed, return to coach the Saints next season (and hopefully for many more). So I did what any self-hatingrespecting blogger would do – pat myself on the back.

Or a high five.

As I wrote the other day:

“…I think you can reasonably say that if Sean Payton is coaching the Saints next year, that is where he wants to be. Which means he’s an engaged, intense and eager-to-prove-the-world-wrong Sean Payton, also known as the best Sean Peyton.”


“If Payton’s back, then I’m 99% sure Brees is, too.”


“If I had to predict I’d say Brees and Payton return…”

Not to mention:

“…predictions are bulls*t.”

Wait, what?

Still, I’m already feeling better about next season.

Dylan Steele

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A Louisiana native, Dylan Steele now lives in Halethorpe, Maryland. A web developer by day, he is also an occasional musician, frequent dog walker and sometimes hoopster. And now he blogs, too.
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