Random Thoughts From Last Night’s Cubs Game

I thought about naming this something clever like, “Morning Data Dump” or “Morning Mind Dump” and then I realized anything with “Morning” and “Dump” in the title is just going to sound nasty. Much like what Travis Wood did to the Reds last night.

  • When was the last time every Cubs starter had a hit? Wins like this, where everybody contributes, must feel really good to the guys on the team. Well, except for you Matt Szczur. No sprinkles for you.
  • I’ve mentioned it already this season, and seen it mentioned a few other places, but, man, this team has swagger like we haven’t seen in some time from the boys in blue pinstripes. I see it most obviously in guys like Starlin Castro, Pedro Strop, Hector Rondon…actually, I could just list the entire bullpen here. Except for Phil Coke, who doesn’t look like he has swagger, so much as he’s going to start giggling about how awesome they are. Anyway, you see it in those guys (Rizzo and Fowler, too!), but I feel like the source of the swagger is something like 65% Joe Maddon and 35% Miguel Montero (and probably another 40% Chris Bosio, because screw math).
  • How nice is it to see the Cubs punishing former players and not the other way around? Already this season they’ve basically crushed LaTroy Hawkins, Kevin Gregg, and now Jason Marquis. As an aside, can we give it up to 137 year old LaTroy Hawkins for still pitching in the big leagues?
  • I am firmly in the camp that Starlin Castro is our shortstop and Addison Russell is going to have to move. And because of where I think he’s going to move, Kris Bryant is going to left field at some point. My thoughts on this might be skewed by my proximity to Baltimore, but I’ve seen how a good defensive shortstop prospect in Manny Machado became a defensive wizard after a move to third. Russell looks like a good shortstop, but I don’t think he has the range to be great (good lord, have you seen how deep he plays?). At third base, though? I think at third base he could amazing.
  • Speaking of Baltimore, a few years ago I remarked that my favorite thing about Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is how he obviously listens to none of the media (professional or social) criticism and just has real confidence in himself . Actually, I think my exact quote was, “Joe Flacco don’t give a fuck”. Well, in the same way, Starlin Castro don’t give a fuck. He ain’t got time for your Twitter, he’s too busy being one of the best shortstops in the NL. I think he’s going to have a huge year.
  • I had an explosion of nostalgia when I heard the name of Reds pitching coach Jeff Pico.

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