Filament Friday 09/19/2014

The Cubs completed their minor league affiliate shuffle this week, changing all three of the Class A level teams: Daytona becomes Myrtle Beach, Kane County becomes South Bend and Boise becomes Eugene. I’m happy because Myrtle Beach is the Pelicans, but other than that the only effect it has on me is that I have to update my Matters of Minor Importance page. Que sera, sera.

  • Last week I found Bill Murray reading Mark Twain, this week it’s Kurt Vonnegut reading (drum roll…) Kurt Vonnegut!
  • Continuing my theme of highlighting the Cubs pitching prospects whenever possible, great article here on C.J. Edwards, the String Bean Slinger.
  • Cubs Den takes a look at former prospect and now major league starter Kyle Hendricks and what to look for if you’re trying to make sense of the excellent results he gets from a seemingly underwhelming arsenal. Actually, that’s one of two must read pieces this week from the always readable John Arguello, the other being this one about the prospects without many prospects.
  • I love to tweak the Orioles fans in my office about Jake Arrieta, they get the same look you get when you see someone doing your favorite dance better than you ever could. That aside, Fangraphs has a detailed (and wryly funny) look at Arrieta’s breakout year.
  • Speaking of Baltimore, congrats to the Orioles for winning their first division title since 1997, even doing it without the services of Chris Davis, who was suspended busy saving people’s lives (and was suspended).
  • Kris Bryant gets all the awards.
  • Anthony Rizzo is the youngest ever winner of the Branch Rickey Award.
  • Great piece in the New York Times on the Ricketts family’s ownership of the Cubs. It’s pretty detailed in it’s own right, particularly in regards to the Wrigley Field renovation saga, though not particularly wry. You know, “real” journalism.
  • I’m not sure I’ll read Jason Kendall’s new book, but this review is certainly entertaining.
  • A little faith in humanity restored.
  • This article raises some good questions, as baseball attempts to get ahead of the NFL’s recent problems.
  • I mentioned last week the David Bowie kick that I’ve been on, but even if you aren’t on a Bowie kick, you should still watch this three and a half minutes of sheer brilliance.
  • Bullets Forever asks if Marcin Gortat could be even better this year. I think that’s an entirely reasonable thought, especially if he continues to build chemistry with John Wall.
  • Given the popularity of Game of Thrones I suppose this was inevitable (and, yes, I want to do it).
  • You may have heard that the Saints first two games haven’t gone quite as planned. Who Dat Dish dishes out some perspective.
  • With Mark Ingram, unfortunately, injured, Khiry Robinson looks to make a bigger splash. I’m a big supporter of Ingram’s, but, ever since I heard Bill Parcells compare Robinson to Curtis Martin, I’ve wanted to see more of him. The other takeaway from that article? Mark Ingram is one tough dude.
  • This guide to World War II era GI fitness is hardcore. This is why they were the greatest generation – they could simply kick every subsequent generation’s tail. Back then even the doughy guys were ripped. True story.
  • It’s incredible what some people can do with colored pencils. Plus it’s pretty amazing that you can watch 30 hours worth of work in 5 minutes.
  • Asteroid Initiatives is a company dedicated to the exploration and eventual mining of asteroids. It is a fascinating idea, but a few pieces of advice for their website and accompanying Rockethub crowd-sourcing campaign.
    • If you’re in the business of 21st century interplanetary exploration, your website should be quite so, um, 20th century.
    • On the video where you’re appealing for funding, you should try turning on an extra light.
    • Three words: No bolo ties.
  • If you’re going to celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day (that’s today), make sure you brush up on your lingo.
  • These remind me of old Monty Python episodes.
  • Of course it’s LSU.
  • I was recently turned on to the band Temples by a couple of my younger brothers, the track I’ve really been digging is Mesmerize, your Song of the Week.
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