Filament Friday 07/11/2014

You may have noticed that the Filaments were not posted last week – I actually had them pretty much ready to go, but a combination of driving and sitting on the beach prevented me from actually pushing the publish button. My bad. However, I’m pushing it twice today, so be sure to go back and check out last week’s 4th of July edition – and bring your headphones, I linked to lots of music.

  • That glimmer of light for Cubs fans is getting brighter and brighter (though the nihilist in me is just hoping it’s not a train coming through the tunnel). The first of the top prospects made it to the major leagues, as Arismendy Alcantara got his first cup of coffee and proceeded to splash it in the Reds face, breaking out for a 4-5, 2R, 3RBI day, including a triple and double. He’ll go back to Iowa at some point (he does have an All-Star game to play in down there), but as soon as there’s a regular spot for him I think you’ll see a lot of him the rest of the year.
  • For good measure, Kyle Hendricks made his first major league start (and appearance) and, after a rough first inning, proceeded to shut down Cincinnati, allowing just two hits in his last five innings, striking out seven.
  • And there’s more on the way
  • #VoteRizzo blew up Twitter yesterday, resulting in the Cubs first baseman deservedly making his first All-Star team. Congrats, Anthony, on being the first ever Cub All-Star.
  • Aside from the recently legalized pot, plethora of great music and the type of climate that would seem to suit me, the state of Washington just gave me another reason to consider moving there (if I were to move at all).
  • Just to cap off a great Cubs day, the team gained some major leverage to move forward with the Wrigley Field renovations.
  • Speaking of legal pot, though it seems national legalization is an inevitability, don’t forget that there are powerful forces opposed to it. The hypocrisy of these groups makes my blood boil. If only there were something out that that would calm me down.



  • It’s not an uncommon thing to hear someone say, “There’s no good music out these days!” Rubbish, I say, you just have to turn off the radio and look around – there is so much good music out there it’s hard to keep track of (and it can be free).
  • Zen Pencils goes behind the scenes with a step-by-step of a recent comic.
  • I really hated Joe Montana when I was growing up (remember, Saints were in the NFC West at the time), at least until I saw this.
  • I don’t remember the climactic scene from Aliens playing out like this.
  • The Wizards hired a new assistant coach and, maybe, made a tiny bit of history in the process (maybe?).
  • The Wizards start summer league play tomorrow and many eyes will be on #Slenderman Otto Porter.
  • We’re a couple of weeks away from NFL news ramping back up, so in the meantime the Times-Picayune looks at some of the best names in team history. Man, there really are some fantastic names on there, but the entry for Jubilee Dunbar is a must-read.
  • I’m excited to see the new Planet of the Apes movie (except that I probably won’t, because I never watch movies anymore). This is a fun recap of all of the movies and a good reminder that time travel is hard.
  • It’s been a while, surprisingly, since an album has gotten me in full-frenzy, can’t listen to anything else, music-monster mode, but the new one from St. Vincent has done just that. Combined with this amazing performance on the season finale of Saturday Night Live and the Song of the Week is a no brainer.
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