Filament Friday 06/13/2014

Hey, I think this is the second – no, third! – time the Filaments fell on Friday the 13th!

You can find more stuff like that here…

  • Zen Pencils has a wonderful tribute to Maya Angelou. My daughter is going to learn that poem like it’s the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • This is, of course, Father’s Day weekend, the first one I will experience from the other side of the equation. Here are some thoughts on dads by some baseball players.
  • More interesting, however, is this other site, which I found through a separate BP article (it’s a good interview with the founder of Commons4Kids), that endeavors to get old, unwanted baseball cards where they belong – in kids’ hands.
  • Much more up my alley, however, are these Father’s Day playlists from the staff of PRX.
  • The Wizards summer league schedule was announced.
  • Space X recently unveiled their upcoming manned spacecraft, the Dragon V2, and one of the reasons this is very exciting is because, by allowing private companies to take over the “mundane” jobs of launching people and things into low Earth orbit, it frees NASA to work on bigger and better. Like, oh, a warp drive.
  • In slightly less theoretical, but still stellar, news, NASA is currently prepping for the first launch of the Orion spacecraft. This is the one that will leave LEO behind and take us to the Moon and beyond, to the asteroids and Mars.
  • And this is a cool little nugget – the Curiosity rover on Mars took a video of the planet Mercury transiting in front of the Sun, the first time footage like this has been taken from another planet. The video on this link honestly isn’t much to look at, but after you watch it just take a sec to close your eyes and ponder the awesomeness that is the Curiosity rover.
  • The Cubs short season affiliate, the Boise Hawks, kick off their season tonight – one more team to root for! Recent first round draft pick, Kyle Schwarber, will be there, as are some other players that Cubs Den thinks you should watch for.
  • Meanwhile, though I wouldn’t expect to see him pitch must this year, the Cubs signed one of their high-upside high school pitchers, the splendidly monikered lefty, Justin Steele.
  • I don’t know which is more kick-ass, this medieval Batman armor or this medieval Joker armor.
  • Not quite medieval, but a cool read here on the first film adaptation of The Hobbit. I seem to vaguely remember either seeing this, or hearing virtual urban legends about it, around the time that I first saw Ralph Bakshi’s incredible The Lord of the Rings.
  • This is not Ralph Bakshi’s The Lord of the Rings, but it’s pretty close. And pretty hilarious.
  • Did you hear this computer finally passed the Turing test? Well, a dumbed down version of the Turing test. Which is pretty dumb anyway. Oh, and it didn’t really pass. Still, artificial intelligence, y’all!
  • Of course, sometimes humans fail the Turing test.
  • Recycled Electrons is a pretty neat blog I just found, for you science-y types.
  • The big story of the Saints off-season promises to be the Jimmy Graham contract negotiations and the answer to the “is he or isn’t he” question about Graham’s true position. The Times-Picayune makes a pretty compelling case that he is, indeed, a tight end. To back it up they charted every play in 2013 where the opponent treated him as a wide receiver.
  • I really want to call bull on this, but apparently it’s true.
  • Not only is it Friday the 13th, but there will also be a full moon tonight. Some call it a Honey Moon, some a Strawberry Moon, among other things. It’s pretty low in the horizon, so whatever is in your local air will color how you see it. Regardless, it’s a good, or bad, night to be a vampire, or werewolf, or to wear a hockey mask.
  • Not only is it Friday the 13th and a full moon, but, apparently, the sun is trying to kill us.
  • Since it is Father’s Day weekend, I dedicate the Song of the Week to my dad, who instilled much of my love of music. One of my first favorite musician’s was Steve Miller; I was going to use one of my first favorite songs, Jet Airliner, for this spot, but, to be honest, it doesn’t have a cool cheesy video like Abracadabra.
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