Filament Friday 05/30/2014

So, there’s bad luck, and there’s bad timing, and then there’s the miserable twist of karma that whoever is behind the new series “Undateable” must be feeling. Less than a week after a mass shooting hate crime in California spurred discussion of the abomination that is men’s rights “activists” and the disgusting, pathetic “pick-up artist” mindset, we get this tepidly unfunny sitcom from NBC.

I gave it a try last night, mostly because the remote control was juuuuusssst out of my reach, but it certainly gave me the motivation to reach that extra two inches. It’s bad enough that we get yet another sitcom where the guys are all moronic “dudes” and the women are either objects or punchlines, but in the pilot episode of this show one of the big “jokes” is the more doofus-y lead “accidentally” telling the girl he lusts after dreams about (who is his employee) how he would stalk and kill her. Get it, because he’s so nervous and pathetic around women that he can’t get his words straight, so instead of saying something cute he ends up talking about suffocating her with a pillow. Hilarious.

I want to feel sorry for the people involved with this show – with so much competition for such a small number of jobs it’s natural that actors and writers, not to mention the backstage staff, will take just about any gig they can. But I can’t help but think anyone connected with “Undateable” must have a similar feeling as anyone who worked for the Clippers under Donald Sterling, “Yeah, I work for an NBA team! Which one? The, um, Cli-mumble-mumble-ppers-mumble-mumble…”. So, in much the same way, I don’t blame the people involved, but I very much blame the people in charge. So, whoever is responsible for “Undateable”, well, shame on you.

Sorry for the seriousness, I just had to get that off my chest. On to the links!

  • These illustrations are amazing in how effectively they convey their meaning, whether you agree with the meaning or not.
  • Space X unveiled version 2 of it’s Dragon spacecraft; this is the one that will begin ferrying astronauts to and from the ISS (and, hopefully, beyond) within the next few years. This one is also notable for it’s ability to land, under power, on land, despite looking much like the traditional parachute-to-splashdown capsules. It carries up to seven passengers, has tan leather seats, flatscreens and, from what I hear, a killer sound system. And spinners. I think I heard it has spinners.
  • Another fabulous piece of technology I came across this week is solar roadways. If it’s half as good as the video below, this could be a real game changer for how we generate electricity in the US and, pretty much, anywhere they have roads. Plus, the changeable sports courts are a killer idea.
  • For pure nerdiness, Minute Physics goes over the concept of a purely mathematical universe. But, what’s blowing my mind is that this Minute Physics video is over two minutes long. Whoa.
  • Cubs prospect Kris Bryant has just been demolishing AA pitching, to the point that #KrisBryantFacts became a thing. Here’s some highlights.
  • Meanwhile the Cubs rumors on the trade market are starting to warm up.
  • There was some actual NFL football activity this week, as most teams had voluntary OTA’s. The best thing to come out of this, as far as I’m concerned, is this new nickname and logo for the Saints’ defense.
  • Though the teams are just started to rev things back up, one guy who rarely takes a day off is Drew Brees.
  • The only real news of note regarding the Wizards is the (mostly) anticipated return of Randy Wittman as head coach. Truth About It does pros and cons, while Bullets Forever looks at Wittman’s first order of business.
  • The Pixies came out with a new album and it’s pretty darn good. However, I’m a little bummed that Kim Deal is no longer part of the lineup. For that reason, I’m going old school Pixies for the Song of the Week.
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