Filament Friday 05/02/2014

Just a word of advice – if you’re an old, horrible racist, you probably shouldn’t get your 30 year old mixed-race girlfriend to record all of your conversations and then let your wife sue her. Actually, try just not being a horrible racist.

  • Donald Sterling is a clown, but Bomani Jones explains what you should really be outraged about.
  • Simmons has a good column on Sterling, too.
  • The biggest newspaper in Oklahoma helps my wildest Wizards dreams take a tiny step towards reality. Hint – it involves Durant in red, white and blue. People ARE alike all over.
  • I recently wrote a mild defense of Ernie Grunfeld, but how he handles the off-season, whenever that may start, will be interesting to watch and pivotal for the franchise. One big question involves one of the Wizards biggest players – what to do with Marcin Gortat?
  • Zen Pencils is awesome this week, because I loved Jim Henson.
  • The cast for Star Wars Episode VII has been announced and it looks, well, promising. Here’s my thing with the new movies – I think most people who hated Episodes I-III were just unhappy that the movies were made to attract a new, younger audience, not cater to the original fans. They were, essentially, going after the Harry Potter demographic. My theory is that the new ones will be going for the Hunger Games demographic, so expect a bunch of angsty YA stuff to be going on. This isn’t to say I’m not excited about them. When it comes to Star Wars (and Lord of the Rings) stuff, it’s like the Cubs. I don’t care how bad they are, I’ll watch every single second and still want more.
  • Holy crap, somebody wrote a lot of (pretty intelligent) words in defense of the X-Men’s Cyclops.
  • When life is just a blur, Minute Physics offers a neat trick to regain some focus.
  • The newest theory on how the Egyptians built the pyramids looks like it holds water (bah dum bum).
  • This 360º panorama of Mars, stitched together from images sent by the Curiosity rover, inspires awe and, in me at least, melancholy. I really wish I could step foot there one day.

    No, you don't.

    No, you don’t.

  • But, maybe Mars is more habitable than we think.
  • Jules Verne was either a time-traveler or…oh, who are we kidding, he was a time traveler.
  • The Cubs had a bad April record, but reason for optimism can still be found. In that link is an assessment of Ricky Renteria that I agree with completely.
  • I’m not the only one who thinks the Cubs bullpen is on it’s way to being a team strength.
  • This is a good argument for trading Jeff Samardzija sooner, rather than later. I love reading that Shark quote about, “I’m not signing any of these crummy early deals for seven or eight years.” Dude, you’re a 30 year old with a slightly above average track record. Nobody is offering you seven or eight years, now or ever.
  • And reinforcements might be on the way. Oh, wait, not that kind of promotions. OK, here’s some stuff on players who might get the kind of promotions we all really want to see.
  • From Nate Silver, major league managers are misusing their 2-hole. Eww…
  • It’s a really good thing I don’t work in DC on the weekends.
  • The NFL Draft is right around the corner, here’s a round-up of who the Sports Illustrated mocks have the Saints taking.
  • Most of those picks were pass rushing DE/LB types. Mike Triplett has that as the defensive line as the 8th greatest area of need for the team (though he offers the caveat that he’s doing a separate category for pass rushers).
  • Cornerback and wide receiver are also popular positions for those guessing what the Saints will do.
  • Of course, who know’s what they’ll do? What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
  • I saw the Bowerbirds once, years ago in Baltimore, and I just rediscovered this song and have fallen in love with it. In Our Talons, your Song of the Week.
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