It’s the Laundry

I got this link in my inbox this morning, inviting me to meet Jeff Samardzija. And it got me thinking, as much as I really (really, really, really) try hard to stay as positive as possible with my teams, I don’t like Jeff Samardzija.

I don’t think he’s a bad guy and I don’t mind rooting for him, but something about him just bugs me. Maybe it’s the hair. Well, not maybe, that’s absolutely part of it. It’s pretty bad, though that could also be personal jealousy. But, more than that, it’s the disconnect between what he seems to expect from others and how he perceives himself. 

I don’t like reading that he’s happy the prospects in camp have “kept their mouths shut,” but he has no problem being outspoken. I don’t like that he wants #1 starter money, but is nowhere near being an ace. I absolutely cringe at the implication that he’ll be better once the team is better, when his lack of consistent performance is one of the big things holding the team back.

I don’t know Jeff Samardzija and I won’t pretend to know anything about his actual personality. Maybe he’s a great guy. I hope he is. It’s entirely possible that everything I’ve read is inaccurate and colored by the horrible attitudes that the majority of those covering the Cubs seem to have. Unfortunately, all I have to go by are those reports, so I don’t think I’ll be disappointed if/when he’s traded. Of course, I’d rather he just start pitching like an ace, the Cubs surprise people by competing for the playoffs ahead of schedule and I can forget I ever wrote this.

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