Filament Friday 03/21/2014

Get off my lawn! I turned 40 this week, sit down and let me tell you how much better things were back in my day…

This has nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to post this picture.

This has nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to post this picture.

  • The Chicken from Hell is not, in fact, a new SyFy movie.
  • Har. Har har. Har har har har.
  • If you, or anyone within earshot, start complaining about the Cubs and Epstein and Hoyer and Ricketts being cheap or dumb or dishonest I’m going to shove these two articles down the offending throat. Between this opus on Grantland and this thesis from Bleacher Nation all of your questions should be answered.
  • Speaking of Bleacher Nation, Brett Taylor has joined John Arguello, Sahadev Sharma and less than a handful of others who I consider the few, the proud, the actually intelligent people writing about the Cubs.
  • Jim Callis is getting Cubs fans all hot and bothered.
  • Not much to talk about with the Wizards, but what’s gotten into Drew Gooden?
  • Here’s a bunch of things that sound like BS, but are (supposedly) true.
  • The world is still looking for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and the media has managed to make a completely useless ass out of itself with wall-to-wall coverage of, basically, nothing. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t aliens or a sharknado and that everyone isn’t on a smoke monster-infested island right now. It was probably something like this (WARNING: Link contains rational thinking and logical theories and is strangely devoid of wild hyperbole).
  • Canal Street Chronicles is having a bracket to determine the most hated Saints player, by Saints fans, I guess. That seems like a complete waste good use of time and thought.
  • Holy crap, this is a cool house.
  • There was a pretty incredible discovery this week about gravitational waves and the Big Bang. Minute Physics explains it much better than I can.
  • Zen Pencils finishes up The Artist-Troll War with the Part 4.
  • We play lots of Scrabble in my house; if this describes your house as well, you should bookmark this page and learn these words.
  • Baseball Prospectus got a lip reader to decipher manager-umpire arguments. As if we needed further proof that most umpires are thin-skinned a-holes…
  • Ninja=twat, Jedi=dick, Rockstar=wanker. Got it.
  • NPR had a cool article on kids’ misconceptions of the world works. There is also a whole website dedicated to the topic.
  • This isn’t the song of the week, but it’s a great song.
  • THIS is the song of the week. I couldn’t find an “official” video, but this one has the best sound quality – and the sound is why I picked this song. Brian Eno is a genius
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