Filament Friday 02/28/2014

Boy, oh boy, what a week. Links galore! Let’s do this thing. Somebody wake up Hicks…

  • It is witch’s tit frigid, or something like that, but somewhere it’s spring training and the Cubs played their first game of 2014 yesterday. They lost to the Diamondbacks 5-2, but Starlin Castro had two hits and only two pitchers gave up runs. I’m cool with that.
  • I just found Boys of Spring, but I will be a regular reader. This is a great rundown of Cubs’ prospects.
  • Dan Vogelbach lost another 30lbs in his quest to prove Keith Law wrong, and here’s photographic evidence¬†(scroll to the bottom).
  • Everything I’ve heard so far about Mile Olt is encouraging.
  • A lot is said and written about the Cubs potential glut of third basemen, but it’s really just a glut of infielders. Cubs Den looks at the present and future of second base (that’s tongue, right?).
  • This – so very, very much this. I am forever perplexed by people who argue against renewable energy, but especially wind and especially if it can also help protect our coastal communities.
  • Nothing will protect you if you go further inland though, especially to (one of) my hometown(s) of Alexandria, LA, voted sixteenth most dangerous city in the country, per capita. As the article immediately makes clear, people there don’t understand per capita.
  • Against all odds, the upcoming Godzilla movie looks freakin’ awesome.
  • The Wizards have somehow, improbably, “quietly” won 5 straight games, reaching 30 wins and going two games over .500 with last night’s triple overtime victory in Toronto.
  • They did get some bad news, as Nene is out 6 weeks with a sprained knee. The team signed Drew Gooden, who you might remember from some ridiculous feud with DeShawn Stevenson and some equally ridiculous neck hair. Truth About It breaks down this and other ways Gooden has been in the Wizards lives over the years.
  • As the weather warmed up (well, at least for a few days), I am already planning this years gardening adventures. As we also have a ton of plastic water bottles laying around, I’m tempted to make a plastic bottle greenhouse.
  • Another good link for foodie-gardening-recycling types, like yours truly, here’s a list of kitchen scraps you can regrow.
  • I actually enjoyed diagramming sentences back in grade school, so I find this poster showing the diagrams of first sentences of classic literature really cool. I’m guessing diagramming sentences is something my daughter will never have to do (Happy 8 month birthday, Bug!).
  • There is just not much to write about the Saints. It’s called the offseason for a reason. Just head on over to my Saints Stuff page for what links there are.
  • Following the Michael Sam’s recent announcement, Jason Collins officially became the first active, openly-gay NBA player.
  • This article explores a phenomenon that I notice a lot, that many don’t seem to realize how much amazing technology we use (and abuse) every single day. Read it for the thoughts, but stay for the Louie C.K. video at the end.
  • I turn 40 this year and I have to say the present Marvel got me is pretty amazing – a 30 minute one hour special airing on ABC on my birthday, including first look footage at Avengers: Age of Ultron and more. Aww, guys, you shouldn’t have.
  • One of the unfortunate things about getting older is that you start to lose loved ones, whether you knew them or not. Harold Ramis was responsible for a lot of laughs and he will be missed.
  • Except, apparently, on the Ghostbusters III set. Wait, there’s a Ghostbusters III set?!
  • This photo of North Korea angers me and it should do the same to you.
  • This guy put waaaaaay too much thought into the inaccuracies of space warfare in (most) movies.
  • That article discusses the immense distances one has to deal with in outer space, something that is really difficult for the human brain to comprehend. This tries to help.
  • I’m going indie hip-hop for the Song of the Week. Astronautalis is one of my favorite musicians, one of the very (very, very, very) best live performers I’ve ever seen. If you’re at all into Macklemore, you should absolutely check out Astronautalis. This collaboration with Tegan Quin (of Tegan & Sara) is a great place to start.
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