Filament Friday 02/14/2014

Love is in the air and for a lot of people being a fan of a team is like being in a relationship. So, I ask you to consider these words of advice: if you’re in a relationship and you constantly criticize, belittle and berate your significant other, acting like nothing they do is ever good enough, you’re not a passionate partner, you’re an asshole. If you really feel so strongly that you are not getting what you need from the relationship, just go away. Both of you will be happier for it. Happy Valentine’s Day!

It's ok girl, I'll take great care of ya...

It’s ok girl, I’ll take great care of ya…

  • The dark origins of Valentine’s Day.
  • I kinda have to admit, this list of 10 best (most awkward?) Cubs shirseys (shirt+jersey, duh) is pretty funny. Especially the Mark Prior one.
  • Ever had one of those days? Well, this camera had one of those days. One of those “drop me out of an airplane into a pig sty” kind of days.
  • This is pretty cool…uh, hot. Very hot. As in “generating a lot of electricity” hot.
  • The Dog Paradox. That’s actually a great band name.
  • Mistaking Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburn goes about as well as you’d expect. I’ve watched this so many times, because I have to keep pausing it because I’m laughing so hard.
  • You may have heard Derek Jeter is retiring. I won’t link to all of the stories about him, but I will link you to this guy, who has all of those links (plus some).
  • The NFL released their findings in the Ritchie Incognito / Jonathan Martin bruhaha and, what do you know, looks like Martin was right (mostly).
  • Another big story this week is that of Michael Sam, who came out as openly gay and is expected to become the first openly gay player in the NFL. This is  a great article on his difficult upbringing.
  • Predictably, after Sam’s announcement some courageous NFL executives anonymously went on record, stating that he wouldn’t be drafted and that the league wasn’t ready for it. What this and the Incognito story highlight is that the NFL is full of the same incredibly ignorant, close-minded cowards you’re likely to run into anywhere. Just don’t forget that they’re as likely to be wearing a suit and tie as they are shoulder pads.
  • The Saints started making some painful cuts. I was surprised only about Greer being released, but depending on his rehab I could see him resigning.
  • The Olympics began with the most stereotypically Russian opening ceremony I could have imagined (really, they had to walk to torch across the huge, barren concrete field to get light the official flame??), including a glitch that they may or may not know about over there.
  • Everyone, please remember that The Daily Currant is satire.
  • The Cubs officially opened spring training and their brand new facility with a press conference. Man, this was kind of a big week is sports, wasn’t it.
  • Shoot, that’s not even mentioning that the NBA All-Star game is this weekend in New Orleans! John Wall got some face-time with Bill Simmons.
  • Unfortunately, the Wizards were hosed in a loss to Houston to close out the first “half”. Even Phil Jackson thought so.
  • On the upside, they should be able to finish strong.
  • Vaginas. Deserve. Respect.
  • Here are some really nerdy (in the traditional sense, not the ZOMG-sense) DIY Valentine’s Day projects.
  • Mike Masse proves that appearances can be deceiving. He looks like a schlubbier(?!) Louie C.K., but when you hear him sing the Song of the Week, I promise you’ll be amazed. Then search for him on YouTube and lose several hours listening to him just KILL it on tune after tune.


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