Filament Friday 02/07/2014

Hard to believe, but spring training starts in less than a week. Now if only the weather would follow suit. If you just want to cozy up and click some links you’re in the right place. Enjoy!

  • Here is the very first thing I wrote for last week’s Filaments:

    Here is the very first thing I wrote for last week’s Filaments:

    The Wizards just CAN’T get over the .500 mark, …

    The more things change…

    Holy crap, they did it!

  • Of course they immediately fell back to .500, though it’s hard to be too angry about an exciting double overtime loss to the Spurs.
  • These Star Wars inspired NFL helmets are so rad, I’m not even mad about C-3PO.
  • The Ross Sisters must have been huge back in the ’40’s. They MUST have! Ripley’s has some background, as well as some other crazy contortionists at the bottom of the page. Someone questioned it’s authenticity on Snopes, but it seems to check out. Some of the moves reminded me of Cirque du Soleil. Today, they would come in third on America’s Got Talent and get a reality show on A&E, and I can’t decide if that’s good or bad.
  • Hate on sappy pictures all you want, but these shots from a sanctuary in Arkansas are really aww inspiring. Here’s their real website – – but at the time of this writing their server is down (probably because that link is going around Facebook right now).
  • Some humorous advice for those in bands, though some (including myself) don’t agree with all of them. On a slightly more serious note, if you are in a band type of situation, this is some good advice.
  • I don’t write as many posts on this blog as I want to, mainly because I am extremely conflicted about what to write. I don’t feel confident or capable enough to write analysis oriented articles. Plus, those are the most time consuming to generate, with all the researching and whatnot that’s involved. What I really want to do is take-downs of all the unnecessarily negative pixels that I see posted about my assorted favorite teams, but then I worry that I’m just moving in under the bridge. It’s a delicate balance between being overtly optimistic and over-enthusiastically critical, and I struggle with it. All this is a really, really long way to say, you should read the new Zen Pencils.
  • The Cubs signed Jason Hammel to compete for a rotation spot. If he pitches close to the way he did the first half of the 2012 season in Baltimore then this will continue Epstein’s successes in signing (and likely flipping) reclamation projects. Of course there is the little matter of that being the only time in his career he pitched that well. Time for Bosio to get to work.
  • WGN is holding a contest for a new Cubs theme song. Oh, by the way, it’s only one week until pitchers and catchers report to spring training.
  • Today is the 4 year anniversary of the mutherfunnin’ Saints winning the dadgum Superbowl. When Tracy Porter intercepted that pass and took off for the end zone I still don’t know exactly how I got from my seat to the floor, but that’s where I was picking myself up from.
  • It’s the beginning of mock draft season. Most prognosticators agree that the Saints’ most pressing needs are OT, OLB, CB, C, WR, S, K, TE, ILB, DL, KR, PR, IRS, NBC, UAE, LA, MD, PBJ, MILF and beer vendor. In some order.
  • The day job has me deep in the weeds today, so the Filaments is getting cut short. This is the best song I found this week, making it one of 2-3 different versions of this song that have been stuck in my head all week.
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