Filament Friday 01/17/2014

We’re in one of those weird lulls in my sports world – Saints out of the playoffs, a few weeks before spring training for the Cubs and the Wizards are in the part of the NBA regular season that makes you wonder if anything matters anymore. I’ll tell you what really matters – links!

  • The Wizards smacked the Heat and mocked their many “fans” in attendance with the Bandwagon Cam. Maybe having a marketing guy as the owner isn’t entirely bad…
  • DC Sports Bog offers video evidence of the Wizards various crimes against LeBron.
  • Truth About It breaks down the victory over Miami and asks if this was a franchise-changing moment. Only time will truly tell, but this year’s team is definitely different, what with the road wins and defense and leadership from the franchise player stuff. I’ll have more to write about this topic soon.
  • Wiz of Awes and I agree that the remainder of the January schedule represents a prime opportunity for the Wizards to get over the .500 mark. With eight more games this month (four each at home and away) against several beatable opponents there might not be a better time to gain some momentum. I’ve got fingers crossed for a 6-2 finish to the month. Now THAT would be different.
  • You shall not pass, dog! Because the internet…
  • Apparently many people had harsh words for Drew Brees’ season long performance after the Seattle loss. You know, the guy who just had one of his best seasons ever (which is saying something). I…I have no idea who these people are. However, I have several great ideas about what to call them.
  • In related matters, Canal Street Chronicles breaks down the Saints QB situation for next year. If Ryan Griffin is the primary back-up I’ll look forward to seeing him in preseason action and comparing him to the ghost of Chase Daniels. The staff seems to be high on him and, though Brees should play at a high level for a few more years, this team will eventually need an heir apparent.
  • has 10 burning topics for the Saints offseason. They should probably get some ointment for that. To me the biggest thing to watch next year is how this year’s rookie class progresses.
  • This music video by Crystal Fighters is beautiful and how they filmed it is really cool.
  • This is really neat – the Baltimore Orioles have made 60 years worth of media guides available online. I’m a geek for old artwork like these covers, but some of them are a little disturbing (I’m looking at you, 1973).
  • The Cubs unveiled a new mascot for the kids, Clark the Cub, and we learned the internet is a real dick. Oh my.
  • By this time next week, Masahiro Tanaka will have a new team and we’ll know if Theo Epstein is a genius or idiot and whether or not Tom Ricketts is cheap or savvy. New Cubs’ skipper Rick Renteria helped make the team’s pitch to the Japanese ace and is hopeful enough to start learning some Japanese (that, or he’s looking for that lucrative Rosetta Stone endorsement deal)
  • Jayson Stark is hearing (and tweeting) that some many MLB owners are convinced the Cubs are going to blow away everyone with their offer. I would love this just for the timing, given the recent hit piece on the Ricketts and the discussion that followed.
  • I am a little older than this writer, but I love his piece on the 1989 Cubs team that, out of nowhere, won their division. Every time I read that there is no hope for the 2014 Cubs to contend, I think of the ’89 team as an example of how you can never say, “Never”. Would it be that shocking if Javier Baez and Mike Olt finished 1-2 in ROY balloting? Well, yes, it would be, but I can still dream.
  • If anyone sees these for sale anywhere, contact me IMMEDIATELY!!!
    My keyboard is all wet.

    My keyboard is all wet.

    For the love of – they only made twelve sets???

  • For all of my graphics acumen, I have never figured out how to make an animated GIF. Until now.
  • This core workout from the UNC Tarheels men’s basketball team looks brutal. So I’m going to try doing it, as I prepare for my first ever Warrior Dash.
  • I should probably learn how to climb a rope, too.
  • Lazy bum, ya only go t’ree jobs?!?!
  • Joe Knaggs, former head of the Paul Reed Smith Private Stock shop, has started his own company, where he apparently makes nothing but guitar porn.
  • NPR has a cool history of the drum machine.
  • The iconic Washington, D.C. go-go scene is getting organized.
  • This will be a short edition of the Filament’s today, so in honor of Gilligan Island’s Professor, Russell Johnson, who passed away this week, here is your Song of the Week.
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