Filament Friday 11/08/2013

I would like to take a second for the Washington, DC NFL franchise fanbase. How are you doing today, are you ok? I hope you’re not drinking too much. I know things have been rough and you think everything is doom and gloom, but there’s one thing I can tell you, DC, and that is this. It will get better. I can’t tell you when, or how, or even guarantee you’ll still be alive. But, it will get better…

On to the links!

  • Guess what will be hanging from my Christmas tree this year?
  • Rick (Ricky?) Renteria was named the new coach of the Chicago Cubs. Lots of pixels have been devoted to whether or not he is the right man for the job, but if you’re interested in hearing from the man himself, here is a good interview from the David Kaplan Show. Personally, I am optimistic (shocker, I know) because he is optimistic.
  • More quotes from the new skipper.
  • I know Halloween has past, but this story from Los Angeles is creepy as all get out. The Hollywood coincidences are especially eerie.
  • The Wizards picked up their first win, and road win, of the year as John Wall led the way from deep, hitting 5 3pt shots (though the last one was like kicking a dead guy) as the Wizards hit 18 for the game, setting a franchise record.
  • The Wiz are leading the NBA in 3pt attempts and makes so far this season.
  • Jan Vesely has something to prove. Fortunately that article has the comments turned off.
  • Truth About It does their usual well-done game recap, including some highlights. There is a brief mention that Randy Wittman shortened his rotation to 9 men last night. I will be curious to see if he sticks to that going forward.
  • Saints welcome the Cowpokes Sunday night, hoping to get back on the winning track. There are three players on Dallas that concern me: DeMarcus Ware, Dez Bryant and Tony Romo. Unfortunately, those three alone seem like they can win a game against anyone. But, if the Saints can contain those three, it should be an easy win. I’ll put my prediction at the bottom.
  • I just realized I’m really lacking on Saints blogs on this site, so here are some new sites I will be pulling feeds from into Saints Stuff (I haven’t totally vetted these, so the list may change):
  • Decisions, decisions…
  • I don’t want to waste too many pixels on the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito soap opera, except to say that if you are in conflict with someone and the only advice anyone can give you is “punch them in the face,” then you probably aren’t the one in the wrong.
  • OK, I’ll kill a few more pixels on the topic. It doesn’t look like Incognito (I still can’t believe that’s his real name) has the support around the league that he seems to in the Miami locker room.
  • Finally, this column by Jason Whitlock and this story from NPR both touch on, I think, the most important and least covered aspect of this story.
  • So, this was on my metro car the other day…


    Nice to, uh, see someone getting ahead in life…

  • Dallas has the 31st ranked defense in the NFL and the game is in prime-time, with the Saints coming off a frustrating loss. My prediction: PAIN…for the Cowpokes and a 44-27 victory for the black and gold. WHO DAT!
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