Filament Friday 11/01/2013

I’ve been informed that the US men’s soccer team should be included in the filaments and I agree. They fit the (non-existent) definition of Even Losers Can Win. On to the links!

  • Ask and ye shall receive! It may be 7 months until World Cup training camp, but with only 3 dates where the entire US squad is available every opportunity becomes more precious.
  • Did you know there was a Homeless World Cup this year? Here’s a video about it, featuring some truly horrible techno music.
  • In case you have been in your cave for last few days, the Red Sox won the World Series. Or, as I like to put it, the Cardinals lost the World Series. In any case, congrats Red Sox nation. Man, three championships in 10 years – that’s a pretty impressive run after such a long drought.


    Can you imagine how high she’ll jump when the Cubs win one?!

  • Speaking of Cubs – Red Sox connections (like those don’t abound), now that the World Series is over, expect the Cubs to interview a Boston coach for the position. I anticipate the new guy being named within the next two weeks.
  • Most (including me) anticipate a pretty quiet off-season for the Cubs. Cubs Den has more details, including some scuttlebutt on trading Starlin Castro (don’t worry, it isn’t happening, but teams will inquire).
  • Some pretty good Halloween costumes here. Feel free to post any good ones you saw in the comments.
  • The Wizards lost their season opener Wednesday night, they will try to get their first win as they open their home season tonight against the 76’ers. After Philly shocked the Miami Heat in their first game I don’t expect the Wiz to take them lightly. Whether that means anything or not remains to be seen, but should be a good game.

    I know where they can get some backup...

    I know where they can get some backup…

  • It’s the Ryan‘s Steakhouse Buffet Bowl this Sunday as the Saints travel to New York to take on Rex Ryan and the Jets. The Times-Picayune has a scouting report.
  • Some people have all the luck.
  • NASA has found the coldest object in the universe, besides your mom.
  • This sportscaster did his entire broadcast as Ron Burgundy last night. Well done, sir, well done.
  • Most of these never-made SNL movies can stay that way, but what do I have to do to get a “THE AMBIGUOUSLY GAY DUO” movie made? Wait, don’t answer that…
  • I miss Bill Hicks.
  • It may be a day late, but I leave you with the quintessential Halloween jam…
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