Filament Friday 10/25/2013

Sorry for the lack of fiber in your past two three Friday’s, what with gubernment shutdowns and sister-in-law’s weddings and whatnot I’ve been a little tied up. With filaments!

  • Before the bye week the Saints lost their first game of the season to the New England Patriots on a last second Tom Brady TD pass. No link here, just congrats to my new brother-in-law, who is a Pats’ fan.
  • This link’s a little old, but a good story on how the Saints have built a contender in unconventional ways.
  • As the Wizards get ready for the regular season, here’s an preview.
  • There is was a subtle eclipse of the moon tonight last Friday (that’s when I started compiling these links). I tried to watch, but there really wasn’t much to see. But it did inspire me to find this video, which is WAAAAY more awesome awkward than I remembered.
  • I am trying so hard to control my excitement over the batch of potential stars in the Cubs minor league system, but it isn’t easy. C.J. Edwards, one of my favorites, was just named Minor League Pitcher of the Year and posted a great story about his somewhat unconventional path to pro ball.
  • Kris Bryant and Albert Almora have both been dominating the Arizona Fall League and according to CCO both are on track to be named AFL All-Stars.

  • You can listen to the full new Arcade Fire album on YouTube. The fact that this is on YouTube and you have to listen to the whole thing, like we did back in the days of vinyl and cassettes, is really cool. Did you know Arcade Fire is a Canadian band? You’d never know by the haircuts…

    Arcade Fire

    German? Nein!

  • I know I’m off of the sports path today, but this is only a canyon of fire on the sun.
  • God hates triceratops.
  • Of COURSE it was Scots who broke the world record for strongest beer – twice!
  • It’s about that time, we should be carving some pumpkins this weekend. In the spirit here are some jack o’lanterns that are…different. And some more.
  • I’ll end this with a quick Saints prediction – Who Dat’s go to 6-1 with a 33 – 21 victory over the Buffalo Bills. The Bills would have done better, but at halftime they circle the wagons and then can’t get out.
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