Saints T&P, Week 4

Am I ready for some football? You bet your manufactured music’s tail I am. Here are some of my thoughts, wishes and a final score prediction. Before we dive in though, I’d like to welcome the Washington REDACTED to the ranks of the victorious and extend further congratulations to the Atlanta Falcons. You guys are sucking just as much as I knew you could.

  • As dominant as the Saints have been at home and in prime time, there is something making me nervous about this game. It seems like when the Dolphins have these sneaky good seasons they are REALLY good, only it’s so unexpected nobody takes them seriously.
  • When I was a child I was actually quite the Dolphins fan. What can I say, I had an imaginary friend named Dolphin (he was a dolphin) before I came of football age, so I felt like there was a connection there. Plus, I grew up in the same area as Mark “Super” Duper, who in tandem with Mark Clayton, was part of the most exciting offense of the ’80’s. Let’s just say that plays like this were very kid friendly.
  • One thing that relieves some of that anxiety is thinking of the Saints’ young, potentially monsterous defensive line, Cam Jordan, John Jenkins, Akiem Hicks and Junior Galette. This is definitely a unit in need of a great nickname. Four de lis? Ugh, that’s awful. If you have any ideas feel free to leave them in the comments.
  • The Miami defense is a little banged up, but lots of Probables on the injury report. My fingers are crossed that this is the week the Saints running game gets it in gear (before garbage time).
  • OK, cutting it short this week, but here’s my prediction. The Saints jump out to an early lead before a series of 3 and out’s caused by trying to force an ineffective rushing attach lets a game Miami team back in the game. It’s tied going into the 4th quarter before a defensive touchdown shifts the momentum back to New Orleans, who close out the game in grand fashion. 24-24 after three quarters. Saints 41 – Miami 27
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