Filament Friday 09/20/2013

Some of the cool stuff I came across this week. Not included, the fact that I discovered that Drake is mad dope.

  • The injury bug has already threatened another #SoWizards season, with Chris Singleton out 6-8 weeks with a broken foot and Emeka Okafor out indefinitely with a herniated disk. The reports about Okafor were especially dire in the beginning, but recent reports say he could miss as little as the first month of the season. Hopefully Kevin Seraphin and/or Vesely are ready to step up.
  • In better news, Bradley Beal is ready to go. I have really high hopes for the WB backcourt. I have high hopes for the Wizards overall, but that’s kind of what I do this time of year.
  • Lots of arguments can get started here.
  • The ghost of Manti Te’o’s fake dead girlfriend is alive and well. What?
  • Well, this is silly. How many lawyers does the NFL employ, anyway?
  • You know that person in your office who wants to talk about football, but just doesn’t  have a clue? Here’s a quick primer to help them out.
  • Back to the injury bug, it took a quick flight over to Wrigley Field and bit a Cub. I actually don’t mind this too much, I think it was a great developmental season for #TheBeef Wellington Castillo and a little extra time off to heal up for next season sounds fine with me.
  • A big welcome to Mike Triplett, the new Saints blogger. I can’t tell you how happy I am not to have to read that other guy’s stuff anymore.
  • I love this video of time-lapse aging. I’d love to sit over the editor’s shoulder while he or she put this together.
  • My sister turned me onto this band, Little Maker. Good stuff, check it out.
  • Here are 32 metronomes showing us how to all get along.
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