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Friday already?!  Such a slow week for sports, I have to say the Superbowl is much less interesting without the Saints (not that I won’t be watching on Sunday).  Counting down the days to spring training and wondering if the Wizards will ever win on the road.  In other words, links are sparse…

  1. ‘Tis the season for NFL mock drafts.  Like most Saints fans I would love to see some help for the pass rush, but I’m seeing several mocks forecasting Illinois running back Mikel LeShoure going number 24.  And I can’t say that I’d be too upset by that.  I really think Reggie will be back, but still would love to see another power back to operate in tandem with Chris Ivory.
  2. The folks at have compiled a huge database of mock drafts.  You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  3. Tonight marks Gilbert Arenas’ first game in DC as an Orlando Magic.  Truth About It has a typically nuanced take on it, including video of Gilbert’s last moments on the court in a Wizards uniform.
  4. Wizards (and Capitals) owner Ted Leonsis has a great blog.  As I’ve mentioned before, it amazes me how many people in this area have already passed judgment on his performance as an owner and decided things like, “he won’t do what it takes to win.”  You would think, halfway through his first season as owner and with so much progress already made, he would get some leeway.  I guess short honeymoons are another by-product of our short attention span, 24 hour news cycle society.  In any case, I think Ted does a great job communicating with the fan base and, until I’m given reason to think otherwise, in Ted I trust.
  5. These are some (pun very intended) cool photos of Wrigley Field from the recent Chicago blizzard.
  6. THIS is funny (and not appropriate for the kids).
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