Filament Friday

Get it? Filament as in web?!  What do you mean I’m not that clever?  Anyway, I figure I’ll post a round-up of links on Fridays.  I’ll make sure there’s at least one each for Cubs, Saints and Wizards, then some other stuff I find just fascinating. 

  • One of my favorite blogs is – good writers and pretty objective analysis, plus I’d say they share my eye rolling attitude towards the Colin Cowherds and Tony Kornheisers of the world.  Good article here on how end-of-game collapses sometimes overshadow start-of-game collapses.
  • It’s hard to find much positive coverage of the Cubs.  I think the Chicago “mainstream” media is basically a cottage industry of doom and gloom and if when the Cubs win the World Series it will be an extinction level event for the Illinois crow population (and don’t get me started on the official ESPN Sweetspot network blog, which is so laughably devoid of decent content I refuse to link to them, or name them by name, or even laugh about it).  Finally I found Bleed Cubbie Blue and, like this writer, I’m generally optimistic about the Matt Garza trade.  I also agree that if it’s Greg Maddux approved, I might need to come out of the closet as genuinely excited about it.
  • Assuming there’s not a lockout (or at least not one that’s too long) this should be a busy offseason for the Saints.  Projected to be $40-50 million under the new salary cap, but with 28 potential free agents, there should be some pretty significant changes to the roster.  Many pixels will be devoted to whether Reggie Bush will or should come back, and I will probably be contributing some pixels to just that topic at some point, but for now I’m going to throw out an early prediction – goodbye Devery Henderson, hello (to the active roster, for good) Adrian Arrington.
  • Lots of people have seen the video of the little girl singing the national anthem who’s mic cuts out, but just in case some of you haven’t, here you go.  It’s definitely one of those moments that gives you faith in human kindness…though the person who starts laughing at her at the 1:30 mark, well, not so much.
  • Speaking of basic decency, I liked this post about learning (and using) the names people who might not be friends or family, but whom you rely on or interact with regularly.  It is good advice – advice that I try, but don’t always manage, to follow.  It is a great way to get better service (not to say that is the only reason we should follow it), but I also find it’s nice way just to say thank you.  Like, if Matt the bartender makes me a strong Jack and Coke I always make sure to say, “thank you, Matt.”
  • THIS is the real story behind The Terminator.
  • And, last but not least, apparently you can watch all kinds of MST3K episodes online.  For free.
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